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3rd Times A Charm?


For the second consecutive day the NHL and NHLPA met in an undisclosed location while revealing no in depth detail on how talks are going.  The fact that they have gone this long in silence has to be an indication that things are going well. The 2 sides will be meeting tomorrow for a 3rd straight day, and I strongly believe that we will hear absolutely nothing on how these talks have gone. Regardless, the league and its members have restored hope in the possibility of a season being saved and not missing another year of hockey, which would be the 3rd missed season under Sir Gary’s watch.

While it is all well and good that the NHL has met for a combined 11+ hours in 2 days and have plans to meet more, I for one would love some sort of update on the progress of these discussions, as well as a target date for the league to start, and how many games they are looking to play. My biggest question is this…you knew both sides were going to play their hands the way they did, where was this sense of urgency months ago? If both sides wanted a season, why didn’t they lock themselves in these undisclosed locations and hammer out a deal then?  I called for it several times on our weekly podcast, when you want to get a deal done, you lock the door, throw away the key and you don’t leave until things get accomplished. With the status of these negotiations, 1 thing is obvious…Bettman and Fehr listen to our podcast, and so should you (Tuesdays at 10pm).

On a more serious note, this progress is great, hockey looks to be alive and at perfect timing considering there is not a lot to cheer for elsewhere. A few questions do remain.  Is it still a possibility that the Winter Classic gets played? Is it realistic to expect or hope for an 82 game season? Only time will answers those questions, but at the pace these talks are getting to, that could be days away.

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