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A Game That Nobody Wins

Stanley Cup Finals - Chicago Blackhawks v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Six

I’m fed up. I’m fired up. I’m sick and tired of the PR games being played by the National Hockey League and the players union.

Whether the NHL or NHLPA cares about the fans is irrelevant because it’s not up to the fans. The question I pose to all of our loyal readers and podcast listeners is a interesting one and one that some fans have already answered for themselves.

Should we, the fans, care?

I’m not asking if the fans care, I’m asking if it’s worth it to hang on every word that Gary Bettman or Billy Daly or Don & Steve Fehr say?

Well is it?

As a writer for this website I have to say that my motivation is at an all time low. I wake up in the morning frustrated that we’re not covering games, we’re not talking about the big trade Paul Holmgren is preparing to the pull the trigger on, and we’re not talking about how much we despise Sidney Crosby.

I’m frustrated because we (bloggers) spend a good amount of time researching, writing, and talking on the radio about a group of people that make more money in a month than many of us make in a lifetime. While players, owners, commissioners…whatever are fighting over money, us bloggers are blogging for the love of the game, in other words, we’re blogging for free.

We never asked to be paid for this work and I personally never will ask because, like I said, it’s for the love of the game. Sometimes though it’s hard to love a game that doesn’t love you back. I will never turn my back on the NHL, I’ve invested my whole life in the Flyers but it doesn’t mean I can’t be upset and it doesn’t mean that I can’t express my displeasure with what is happening.

Simply put, Gary Bettman is right, NHL fans are the greatest in the world and Flyers fans are even greater. But Gary we shouldn’t be taken advantage of and the arrogance of that statement shows you and Donald Fehr aren’t speaking the same language as the fans are speaking.

Look at what you’re about to do…you’re about to cancel the greatest event (Winter Classic) in professional sports (my opinion). Think about the workers around the US and Canada out of a job because you couldn’t sort this mess out in June or July. Think about people like me who give your game free exposure, the fans, who fill the buildings and buy overpriced food and beverages and spend ridiculous amounts of money on team apparel. Think about yourselves and how much of a joke you’ve made the NHL look like, and Mr. Bettman think about the next time you hand off the Stanley Cup. You’ve heard boos before, Gary, but think about the boos you’ll hear this June or July or maybe even in 2014.

Is this lockout worth the daily heartburn? Maybe if we had a seat at the bargaining table but unfortunately we’re in a helpless position. We’re always in a helpless position even when games are being played but that’s the type of helpless position we love. I know a lot of what I’ve said has been said before and will be said again but it can’t be said enough because we deserve better than another lockout.

Remember how the whole hockey world was watching the Flyers and Penguins square off in an epic playoff series last spring?

Now Instead of Flyers Vs. Penguins it’s the NHL Vs. their own players and that is a game that nobody wins.






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