The Orange Update

“Informal” Talks Being Held


As hockey fans we are all well aware of the current lockout situation.  With the deadline of September 15th roaring up to fruition, the anxiety being created to reach a deal grows by the hour.  It was no more than a week ago when talks between the two sides went stale and a decision was made to stop bargaining.  This morning the NHL and NHLPA have decided to resume talks in an “informal” fashion, whatever that is supposed to mean.  The update as of 12:15 pm est is that the two sides have been talking for roughly two hours!  Now I do not claim to be a CBA/ contract law know it all, but two hours for “informal” talks seems to be lengthy.  We are only left to speculate what is actually going on inside that room.  If nothing else, it is a positive that the sides have decided to reconvene to meet and talk.

What are your thoughts on this long informal meeting?


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